The 2016 Class Challenge is Here!

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The 2016 Class Challenge is here! The Class of 2009 has pulled into an early lead, with $775 in donations after the weekend!

Think about your Leadership Las Vegas experience. Part of what made it so memorable were your classmates. Without the Leadership Las Vegas scholarship fund, some of your classmates may not have been able to participate, and your experience would not have been the same.

Now, it’s your chance to give back to future classes! Today the Leadership Las Vegas Alumni officially kicks off the annual Class Challenge, a two-week fundraising drive to fund scholarships for the Class of 2017. From now until the Recruitment Mixer at Vdara on May 12 (you have it on your calendar, right?), we will be tracking funds raised from each class. This year, we’ll announce at the Recruitment Mixer which class brought in the most money for scholarships, and that class will have bragging rights for one year as the Official Best Class Ever.

Some things to know about the Class Challenge:

  • You can make a secure donation through PayPal using this link.
  • Your donation is tax deductible, as the Metro Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • You can donate any amount, and all donations are welcome.
  • Daily updates on the Class Challenge can be found on the Leadership Las Vegas Facebook page.

The 2015 Class Challenge raised $7,504.86, which helps future Leadership Las Vegas class members who would be otherwise unable to participate in the program. Congratulations to the Class of 2010 for winning the 2015 Class Challenge for the third time!